Consulting Services

Our services include CI, Partner Search, Entry Strategy, Business Due Diligence, Market Assessment and support in alliances and M&A.

Our clients are mainly renowned international companies and PE Funds. Our clients include J&J, Takeda, Boston Scientific, Evonik, Citi Venture Capital, Morgan Stanley, Actis and ICICI Venture Capital.

With the help of our associates, we also arrange Regulatory Approvals, Legal, Financial, Environmental and Technical Due Diligence.

We have also worked in close coordination with Client Appointed large legal and accounting firms with ease and synergy.

Consulting Work
  • Development of a drug intermediate at an Indian company for supply to an Italian company with a long term supply agreement (CRAM)
  • Process Development for an API from lab through commercial production for an Italian company under long term supply agreement
  • Concluded two separate technology transfer agreements between a large Indian company and a European company
  • Negotiated for an Indian company to source bio-catalytic process for an API
  • Concluded a three party agreement for API development involving an Italian company, a Korean company and an Indian API manufacturer.
  • Negotiated a Marketing Alliance between a very large distribution company in Nigeria and a large Indian pharmaceutical company
  • Advised Boston Scientific, Inc on finding an Indian distributor and transitioning from direct marketing to distributor model.
  • Advised Evonik-Degussa for divestment of their R&D Centre in India
  • Identification of target pharmaceutical company for acquisition for a large Indian Industrial House
  • Evaluation of a target Indian company on behalf of a Dutch principal in the business of Calcium products
  • Marketing Partner search for Boston Scientific Inc., USA and help in transitioning to a new business model for India
  • Currently advising a very large MNC for acquisition of an Indian company
  • Developed entry strategy for an advanced biotech company in Italy and finalised its alliance with two large Indian Pharmaceutical companies
  • Market Analysis for a South African company for a unique medical device
  • Developed a Business Plan for a natural product company in India and introduced it to potential business partners in US
  • Concluded global partner search for an Indian Research Company for commercialisation of an innovative supra-cosmetic molecules
  • Advised Takeda on entry strategy for Vaccines.
  • Competitive intelligence for certain MNCs
  • Business Due Diligence for CVC International - Five different assignments in the area of pharmaceuticals and specialty chemicals
  • Business Due Diligence for ICICI Venture Fund Management Company - Path Lab Services Company
  • Business Due Diligence for Morgan Stanley - An API company in South East Asia
  • Opportunity generation for equity investment - Opportunity presented to an International Equity Fund. An investment of US $ 30 million was made by the PE Fund after due diligence.
  • Advised CX Partners for PE funding of a leading path lab
  • Business Due Diligence for an Indian API company - Pharma distribution company, UK
  • Advised Actis on Indian market assessment of an international target company in API business.
Consulting Clients